Sunday, October 19, 2008

Project Pumpkin Photos

Yesterday Jon and I took Logan to the Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival. I had grand plans of us leaving early in the morning to beat traffic and meet up with our friends (the Hicksons and Jodoins), but alas, sleep caught the better of us and we didn't wake up in time.

Still, we had a relatively easy drive up and only hit a bit of congestion towards the end of the drive. When we got to the festival however, it was MUCH more packed than I had realized it was going to be. Yikes. There were people EVERYWHERE which made it tricky navigating a stroller through all the crowds.

Honestly, I had really just wanted to take Logan to a pumpkin patch so we could get some cool photos and let him crawl around a bit, since that's what my fond childhood memories are of our trips to Half Moon Bay when I was a kid. Yet, the festival didn't have a pumpkin patch in sight.


Nathan texted us about a pumpkin farm just a few miles down Highway 1, which not only had a nice pumpkin patch for photos, but had a hay maze for kids to run around in as well. Sounded like fun! So, after eating some yummy pumpkin pie and pumpkin ice cream (delish!), we took off to check it out.

And, I've decided, this will definitely be a spot we come back to when Logan's older - what a fun haven for little kids! There was a petting zoo, all sorts of fun areas for kids to climb on or run around in, a hay ride (complete with tractor), a hay maze (we didn't go in but I'm sure it will be cool once he's older and able to walk), and more.

Jon took several pics of Logan and I'm really happy how they came out!! The drive was totally worth it.

Project Pumpkin Photos was a success. :)

Editor's Note: Unfortunately my iMac is in the shop at the moment, which means I can't get to any of my photos :( Luckily, I had grabbed these few last night when putting together this post. I'll upload the rest that we took to an album later next week when I've got my iMac back home....(this also means I won't be able to post any pics of NZ up for now either! ugh!!)


Zabuton said...

I would guess the family trips to Half Moon Bay started around 1967, before any of the triumvirate were a twinkle in the eyes of their parents. Indeed, this was before Hwy 280 was built! Lots of good vibes hang around there... a prime spot for photos, before and after pumpkin time - Eucalyptus buttons to make cat collars (they ward off fleas) - Cuca, our parrot, constant companion, audacious and a crack-up - french fries at... was it Sam's? - fixing something gone awry under the hood with a Swiss Army Knife - picnics nestled in the sand - a picture of baby Bree, looking much like her own son among the pumpkins, 30 years later ... another picture when she was still a little girl, but now the head of the tribe ... and a friend remarks: "This kid clearly knows what's up." - Zane jumping the river stream and far down the beach, roaming as usual ... or goofing off for the camera - Kai, brand new baby, this was his FIRST official outing ... later running with Zane, like, as his grandfather would exclaim, "like a deer!" We have been going to Half Moon Bay forever. And Bree and Jon continue the tradition.

Zabuton said...

Hey - above was from Mom/Zafu aka MamaSuSu. No prob. It works for both of us. -- Zafu

Zabuton said...

Hey - above was from Mom/Zafu aka MamaSuSu. No prob. It works for both of us. -- Zafu

Zabuton said...

Delete duplication above. I'll get the hang of this yet! -- Zafu