Monday, April 27, 2009

Hot Pink, Hot Damn.

I've noticed I'm becoming a big fan of Puma's. Their shoes help me accessorize with more style than a pair of normal running shoes, yet still provide the support I need for proper back alignment and short daytime walks.

My body and back are already thanking me (at least, that's how I justified my latest new purchase). :)


Kimmy said...

WHERE did you get them?! Where?! I must know.. I must HAVE them! MUST! Oh and functional!

Diane R. Stewart said...

Glad to hear it Bree!! I've sent your post on to Paul. He's still Music Mgr for Puma.

Mama Bree said...

@Kimmy - I actually had a hard time finding them when I posted this. I bought them on this "fire sale" type of site. Anyway, I finally did find them here, altho this is not where I bought them:

@Diane - cool!! I didn't realize he had a full time job there?!?! He will be happy to know I now own SIX pairs of Pumas and am trying to get Jon to buy a pair or two to try out! :)

Nathan said...

I have 3 pairs of Puma. Oh hrm... make that 2... my first pair finally started to show wear after 6 years of use while traveling and in/out of data centers. I think I have taken that pair to every continent I've been to. They are invincible, and comfortable.