Thursday, April 16, 2009


Logan and I stopped by the Falafel's Drive In (the best!) to pick up
dinner tonight (Daddy has another late night maintenance). The owners
have known our family since I was a baby, and love to pinch Logan's
cheeks while reminding me how I was once that small.

Tonight they gave him a free mini banana shake with his falafel balls,
hummus and fries and I had to wrestle the damn cup free from his death
grip just so he wouldn't make a mess in the car on the way home.

Mean mean Mommy.

(He screamed the entire 3 mile ride home to let me know it, too. *sigh*)


Choun Family said...

mmmm falafel drive in

Kimmy said...

I second Julie's sentiment. Oh man..miss that.

Love the picture though :)