Sunday, April 19, 2009

You know it's hot when...

...your hubby forgets to put the 4am milk bottle (that has ~2oz of milk left in it) back into the fridge at night....and instead leaves it sitting in Logan's room the entire day until you find it that night when you are putting Logan down for bed.

I opened it up to wash it out and the remaining milk inside was CHUNKY.

Yuck. Ick. Gross.

I think we skipped over Spring and went right into Summer this past week. The weather has been BEE-utiful! :) We spent most of the weekend outside and were EXHAUSTED by this evening (partly, I think, because of too much sun, but oh well).

We got a "ride-on" toy for Logan while we were out - since he's so interested in scooters and tricycles, etc. I thought he might like to try this out (it's sort of the first step before navigating pedals I guess).

He's really into it! But, it's still a TAD bit tall for him, so he can't push off and get the speed he wants. As our neighbor pointed out, that's not a problem, since he'll be tall enough by next week. ;-)

I just noticed on the Little Tike's website that kids can bounce on it to move it forward, which means kids don't actually have to reach the ground to get it to go!


I'm going to have to show that to Logan tomorrow. Especially since he's been trying to jump/hop lately! :)


Nathan said...

Thats it, we're not blogging about tricycles until we've already purchased one! I see how it is. Read our blog and then run out to be first. ;)

Charlie said...

Hey! The shirt! Woo!

Mama Bree said...

yep! I meant to tell you Charlie - thanks so much! I love the shirt and it now fits perfectly, just in time for the summer :)