Wednesday, April 8, 2009

33 and recovering

3 weeks ago I turned 33. And, I completely forgot (to blog) about it.

But the day before yesterday, as I stared down at my hospital bracelet butt-naked save for a thin sheet wrapped around my front, waiting for my doc to start his symphony along my spinal nerves, it finally hit me. Whoa. I'm 33.

I suppose the fact that I didn't make much fanfare of the big day just goes to show how much our lives have really changed. Our world no longer strictly revolves around me and Jon, but around our little Logan instead. :) We're the parents now - no more birthday celebrations for us.

And, it's how it should be. I'm getting older, big whoop. But Logan's getting older (and cuter!). Now that's a BIG WHOOP!

For those who are wondering, my procedure on Monday went well, albeit a bit more painful than before. It's never a good sign when you hear your doctor say "let's try something different and see if we can get it at this angle instead" while a couple of needles are digging into your back.

Suffice it to say, I have a couple of large bone spurs at the exact location where my doc needs to get to, to administer the steroid injections, making the procedure more challenging for him and more painful for me.

I'm still recovering but doing better each day. The worst part of it all is that I'm not allowed to pick up, nor carry, anything over 5 lbs (aka Logan) for a week. Oy vey.

(Always getting into trouble, here he's
testing Sanka's patience by laying on top of her)

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