Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cutting it close

I thought I had enough gas to get me to lunch and back home before
refueling. But on my way home (after lunch) I realized I was reading
the dash wrong the whole time! Since, that 72 number never changed.
The gas light blinking on BRIGHT was what finally clued me in.

2 miles worth of gas left. Whoops! Good thing I was near a Costco
when I noticed. heh :)


Elizabeth said...

The mileage estimator thing in my car makes me crazy because the gas light goes on when I have 2-point-something gallons left which translates to AT LEAST 50 miles, but the estimator thing hits 0 miles when I've only driven 10 or so miles of the 50.

The solution would be to never let my tank get so low but that would be too easy but instead, I see the 0 and torture myself for a few miles before I give in and fill up.

Mama Bree said...

I totally hear ya. I'm REALLY bad about waiting till the very last minute to gas up. In fact, I have had to call AAA for help not once, but TWICE, to get gas for my car when I've run out!!! :)

In this case, however, I was driving Jon's truck, and am just totally not used to what his truck will burn thru in a day/week/month! :)

Nathan said...

this post hurts my soul to even read.