Sunday, September 20, 2009

Children's Discovery Museum

Last weekend Logan and I met up with Stacey, Mo and their daughter Maya for a play date at the Children's Discovery Museum. I have been talking about visiting the museum for months now, but we never seemed to get our act in gear. In any case, I'm glad we finally went because we had a blast! Logan's favorite by far was the water area - when I finally pulled him away so that we could see the rest of the museum he THREW. A. FIT.

The only draw back to the day was that we went too late (post naptime) - so we only got to spend about 1-1.5 hrs before the place closed - and Logan was again, UNHAPPY about that. He thought I was tearing him away from the best palace of toys ever, never to return again.

That made my mind up - plunk down some more cash and get a membership for the year.

So today, Logan and I went to the museum again, this time with Jenn and Robert. I'm not sure if Logan remembered everything from last time or not - but he seemed to enjoy the activities EVEN MORE today, if that's at all possible. :) I think it helped that I could coax him along by following Robert's (who he adores and calls "wa-wa") every move. ;-)

We also went when the place opened - and because we're now members, we got to enter during the exclusive "members only" hour before the rest of the public joined - which was super key. The place was MUCH less hectic and more open for the boys to explore and discover. And, easier on us Mamas chasing after them every few minutes! :)

I think the water area was still Logan's favorite activity - but he also enjoyed many of the other interactive learning stations, the arts and crafts room and climbing in the firetruck and ambulance. :) We ended the day with a bit of lunch before heading out, since the boys were starting to get that glassy-eyed tired look. Logan passed out within minutes on the ride home and had a great nap this afternoon to recover from the day. I didn't take too many pics from either visit - but the rest of the collection is linked from the pics above, in case you'd like to see more of the kiddos. :)

I'm very happy we decided to buy the membership (which also allows us to see other Children's Museums across the country - score!). I can see us visiting many more times to come. ;-)

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