Thursday, September 24, 2009


Logan and I are at the park again. Doing more playing than watching Daddy at practice. ;-)

Last night Logan had a rough time sleeping, waking up crying every couple of hours. One of the times I went into his room he was face down crying into his mattress, still mostly asleep, but crying "my car! my car!". I can only imagine he was having a bad dream about someone taking away his precious car.

When I was thinking about posting on his bad dream today I realized I tend to post more about the bad than the good! Truth be told, we've been having a really good couple of weeks. Logan's finally found a rhythm at school, at home, with his sleep, etc. It's been very nice and we've all been basking in his wonderful behavior. But who wants to read about the good stuff all the time? So very boring. ;-)

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