Sunday, September 13, 2009

21 months old

A few days ago, Logan turned 21 months old. It was also his Daddy's birthday and for the last few days I feel like we've been doing an extended celebration for Jon instead. ;-) We had a nice evening with friends on Thursday night, my parents took us out to dinner at La Milpa on Friday night - Delicious! Logan then showed off his train set to his grandparents late into the evening until it was time for bed. Saturday we got a large number of friends together for a big dinner at the Taiwan Restaurant, walked to one of our favorite frozen yogurt shops for dessert, and then hung out at our place for a little bit before we then took off to see the movie 9 (interesting and entertaining).

But this post was supposed to be about Logan!

Last seen with Odin's cone on his head

We're pretty sure this was a big growing month for Logan. Several nights, he's had trouble sleeping. I even blogged about it here and here. But, just last week his body finally decided to right itself and we had a couple of the most glorious mornings ever, when he slept in 'til 8am one morning (holy cow!) and then 8:30am the next (unheard of!!).

Buckled himself in and then CRASH! Toppled over trying to get out. :)

Besides putting on the inches this month, or perhaps because of it, he's actually calmed down some. Just a little. But not too much. He's been more and more interested in his books, and will now sit with you on the couch or bed asking you to read to him. Or, he'll ask you to help him practice drawing letters with his favorite retractable pen (that he loves to push in and out on your arm, fingers, face, whatever). Or, he'll sit on your lap watching random funny video, after video, after video.

And when the funny has run out, he's mesmerized by the brilliant score (created by Amanda's hubby Jesse! woohoo!) to the latest LucasArts game. If it weren't for the work calls that I had to take each morning this weekend, I think he would have stayed on my lap asking me for "more" YouTube videos all day long. ;-)

Besides his cute cuddly persona, we still see flashes of the obstinate "terrible twos". It may be 100 degrees outside but goddamn it Mommy, I want to wear the big black thick soled tennis shoes with SOCKS. And, I may have just spilled spaghetti sauce on the front of my shirt but I want to keep it on - because it has CARS Mommy, CARS! Don't you see? It has CARSsssss! Or, I want to eat with a grown up fork and knife, because they are cool and shiny and hey! they make neat sounds when I bang them together JUST. LIKE. THIS.

Or, I refuse to leave the play yard at school because I'm having sooooo much fun with my friends and isn't it soooooo funny when I run away from you and you have to chase me down just so we can go home? And I know that the new train set you got me will still be home when I get back but I MUST HAVE THIS BLUE TRAIN CAR clutched to my chest all morning long during the drive to school and will you JUST give me my JUICE JUICE JUICE please?

I'm okay with giving into the smaller things that he insists on, but he's definitely learning the hard way that some things aren't up for negotiation. Like, the annoying little habit he's recently picked up when he isn't happy with something I've said or asked him to do.

When that happens, he tries to hit me.

*Cue: Let the hitting (of parents) begin!

Or, not really.

And that's where all the cuteness that is Logan just stops dead in its tracks. And Logan and I have a down-at-his-level loud, stern, steam rising from my ears, in-your-face heart to heart. He's tried it a couple of times but has quickly realized hitting me is not going to fly. Hopefully I've been able to nip it in the bud early, but only time will tell.

The good news is, he's a great listener and you usually only have to tell him once or twice before he quickly understands what he can and cannot do.

That doesn't mean he won't keep trying but at least we know he knows. ;-)

Kim has a very similar pic of me like this (from college days).
I'll have to scan it in at some point.

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