Thursday, August 27, 2009

What's under the bed?

Last night was a rough one for Logan and I. After getting him down for the night and doing a couple chores, catching up with Jon and icing my back, I decided to call it an early night and turned in myself. A little after midnight, however, Logan woke up crying. Normally if I let him cry for a bit he'll fall back asleep - but last night was different. He cried for a solid 20 minutes or so (I was half asleep so I didn't track it very well). Whatever it was, it was a long time.

So, I finally rolled out of bed, prepared a bottle, and went into his room to give him some more milk, rock him back to sleep and then get back to sleep myself.


Logan didn't want to go back to sleep. Well, he did. But he didn't want to sleep in his crib. He wanted to sleep on me.

On my chest, or my lap, or my shoulder. He would flop back and forth trying to find a comfortable spot on my lap (no longer big enough to hold a gangly growing toddler), like the dogs turn in circles 7 times before plopping their butts down for the night.

Once he fell asleep, I rocked him for a couple more minutes then walked over to lay him down in his crib. Only, he instantly woke up, sat up, arms raised toward me, crying that huge pathetic DON'T LEAVE ME HERE ALONE MOMMY cry.

I was exhausted. Half awake and barely able to stand straight with a baby screaming in my face and no one else to tag "it" to take over.

What could I do?

I left him.

I put the unfinished bottle back in the fridge and let the dogs out to pee. I thought, "Ohhh, he's just tired. He'll lay back down on his own and fall asleep and then I can finally get back to bed myself...."

Hoooooo boy was I wrong. His crying escalated into screaming. He was upset, no doubt about it.

I went back in to console him. I calmed him down until he finally fell back asleep (on me) once again. I laid him down in his crib, and of course he woke up again. I decided to keep him there this time and hunched over the railing, I patted his back through 2 or 3 songs on the CD before finally giving up. I crept out as softly as I could. He woke up again and whimpered as I shut the door but thankfully, was too tired to stay up this time and finally went back to sleep.

I rolled back into bed. Checked the clock. 2:00am.

All I can say is, maaaaan, those better have been some scary ass monsters that kept us up Buddy.

In honor of the rough night,
I decided to dress Logan in his new "What's under the bed?" t-shirt this morning. :)

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Jennifer said...

Oh man! That is a tough tough night... Hopefully he slept better last night.