Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Loss of Appetite

This morning was like no other. Busy as usual, getting everyone in the house up and ready for another day.

Only, Jon wasn't here to lend a helpful hand like normal. And, my parents needed a ride to the airport. And today was trash and gardener day - which meant in addition to making sure the trash containers were set out at the curb, I was also running around like mad in the backyard collecting all the dog poop to throw away before our gardeners arrived.

And, because I guess I get a thrill out of doing several things at once, I had my phone up to my ear, chatting away with Jon, updating each other on all the latest as I was juggling several balls.

That is, until everything stopped in slow motion the minute I looked down to pick up another pile of poop, and saw a hundred squirmy white little worms wiggling about.

Ummmmmmm. GROSS.

Seriously - it was disgusting. I'll take vomit or diarrhea or pee-stained couches any day of the week over this.

The rest of my day I thought about nothing else but worms. Forget about my parent's flight and loading their luggage into my car and instructions on which plants to water when. Forget about chatting it up with Logan's teachers during drop off and wishing them all a great day. Forget about closing out another fire-drill at work and keeping the execs happy.

And forget about lunch.

I called the vet's office. From my description on the phone, they think one of the dogs has roundworms. But, just to be sure, I took a fecal sample in for them to analyze. We'll get the definitive results back sometime tomorrow and go from there. It's better to figure out which worm we're dealing with so they know which meds to treat with. I also called Lola's oncologist to make sure she has the all clear to take meds, even though I'm pretty sure it's Odin who's infected. They said it should be totally fine. And, because some types of worms can transmit between both dogs and cats, we will probably need to treat the cats too.

We also need to keep a close eye on Logan. Kids are at a greater risk for catching worms - mostly because they aren't as diligent as adults when it comes to washing their hands. They also don't pay attention to what they're touching! Luckily, I've been a drill sergeant about washing Logan's hands lately and, he doesn't play in the backyard (where the dogs poop). So the chances of him getting sick are pretty slim.

Once we figure out what we're dealing with, we'll have to administer several rounds of meds. And, because we don't have enough on our plate as is, we need to quarantine the dogs and convince them to poop on concrete, so that we can quickly clean it up and BLEACH the shit out of it afterward.

Sounds like fun, doesn't it?


Choun Family said...

oh my dear gawd... that sounds aweful

hang in there, let me know if you want us to watch Logan (so you can get stuff done) or anything...

Kim said...

Ew! That's just gross!

Call if you need me to help with anything, like let the dogs out during the day and bleach behind them.

Elizabeth said...

I noticed you don't have a poop label...perhaps it's time?

Mama Bree said...

@Elizabeth: I struggle with my labels, and what to have to label with, but I think you're right. Poop and Puke should probably have their own. ;-)