Friday, August 14, 2009


Anyone who is close to me knows, I'm obsessed with shoes. And in our ginormous house, I still don't have enough space to store my collection.

Jon has been nagging me forEVER about getting rid of some. The majority, like these probably, I pick up when walking through Nordys. But I have a hard time letting go to some that have great memories attached. There's the pair I bought when I learned to tango in Argentina or the time I found a steal (or two) when living in D.C. (and on the lonely rebound after breaking up with my boyfriend). Or a pair made of soft Italian leathers bought in, where else? Italy. Because of my back, I've stopped wearing most of them but I still look at them longingly, remembering the good ol' days.

All that said, I was pretty proud of myself this morning, putting aside about 10 pairs that I'm finally willing to say goodbye to. Which is a good thing, since I need some room as I say hello to three new 'friends', just ordered today. ;-)


Janin said...

LOVE IT and love those shoes! I hope you didn't part with them!

Kimmy said...

wait..wait... what size?! I could be persuaded to adopt some so that you can still visit with your shoes

Mama Bree said...

Thanks Janin! These I definitely kept. ;-)

Kimmy - they're mostly size 8 and 8 1/2. I've offered them to a friend of mine - but if she doesn't want them and you are serious, lemme know! Otherwise, Goodwill it is! ;-)

Kimmy said...

Oh..oh 8.5 I can totally do. I will wait in barely contained anticipation