Monday, August 17, 2009

Returning the Hand-Me-Downs

While baking some Chocolate Chip Walnut Banana Bread, I decided to finally tackle the project that's been staring back at me from the couches in the living room. The challenge? To sort and organize Logan's clothes (from approx. 9 to 18 mths), so that I could return them back to the lovely Jodoins, who have so graciously let us use Robert's hand me downs for the last 2 yrs!! (and who need to start sorting through the clothes themselves, since they are expecting another boy in a couple of months!)

While going through some of the clothes, I came across one of Logan's first pair of shoes. They are so ridiculously small (size 0) that I had to put them up against his current shoes (size 7) just so you could see the difference (remember, his current shoes are also small!).

In case you weren't following my blog back in the good ol' days of '08, here's an old pic of him when he actually fit those size 0 shoes! (He's a little over 2 months old and in case you didn't believe me, there was actually a day when he didn't have so much friggin' hair....)

When I was finally finished, I had 3 bins of clothes, 1 bin of shoes/hats/socks, and rewarded with a house smelling of delicious freshly baked banana bread. Yummm!

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Choun Family said...

mmm you can stop by my house with those baked goods anytime ; )

p.s good job on the clothes