Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tia Catarina

Aunt Catherine happened to be in town today (with her friend Nadia), so they picked Logan up from school early to see him and generally have a grand ol' time. Tonight, being Thursday, was swim class and because Catherine isn't normally in town, I asked if she'd like to take Logan into the pool instead of me which she said she'd love to try out!

Unfortunately, Logan wasn't as cooperative as usual, so poor Catherine had her hands full tonight. He wasn't happy about climbing in and out of the pool, jumping back into the water, or even lying on his back to get his ears wet! :( But even still, they ended up having a great time together and I'm so glad Logan had some extra time to spend together with his Aunt.

And, of course, Mr. Logan absolutely LOVED the extra attention he received all night long.

Speaking of extra attention, we have a family packed weekend ahead of us, as Jon's parents (and sister Sarah) will be getting into town tomorrow night to visit for the weekend.

Thanks again Catherine (and Nadia) for a great visit tonight!


Cat Shipman said...

well, at least I dont look completely insane. BUT Im not sure who had more fun, Logan or me!!! Thanks again Bree!!!

Mama Bree said...

Of course you don't look insane! (I tried to pick the best pics of the bunch) ;-)