Monday, August 10, 2009

20 months old

Logan celebrated his 20 month birthday by sleeping in this morning, taking in a whopping 12 hours last night, which is amazing and unheard of in our household. Generally, Logan's a 9-10 hour kind of guy.

The full night's rest must have done his body, and mind, some good. Since, he hardly batted an eyelash when I dropped him off at school and said my goodbyes. He was way too interested in his morning snack, saying hi to his classmates, and flashing a glowing smile to all of the women teachers standing around.

Logan is continuing to develop his own little personality. He's demanding and impatient and his emotions flip on a dime. He'll be charming and gorgeously happy one minute and then sulky and moody the next. He wants nothing to do with you, insists on doing things by himself (like drinking out of a big cup or cutting his food with a knife and fork) and then 4 seconds later he screams out your name and comes running up, THROWING his arms around your legs asking to be picked up.

When do we get to the stage where they stop being so fickle and start making up their damn minds?

Normally, when we put Logan down for the night, we rock him while he drinks a bottle of milk. He doesn't fall asleep in our laps anymore, but definitely calms down and begins to relax. Once he's done with his bottle, he'll sit up, point to his crib, and say "Night night" which is his way of asking us to lay him down for the night.

Tonight (and the last couple of nights) however, he's been the exact opposite. He'll finish his bottle and instead of asking to be laid down, he'll nestle his face into my chest. All four limbs splayed out in every which direction, turning his head from side to side trying to find a comfortable spot, no more room for a growing toddler to curl up in my arms. I'm not sure why we've been getting the extra cuddle time lately. But I know it's not going to be this way forever so I'm trying to drink in every memory he allows, one precious moment at a time.

When he's not cuddling with Mommy and Daddy, he's on the move. And I mean, he's ON THE MOVE. You know how I haven't been blogging as much as usual lately? That would be because of the 20 month old ON. THE. MOVE.

He runs, for no reason but to run. He chases the cats, the dogs, butterflies, house flies, us (or begs us to chase him). He's even been known to gallop!! (where he learned how to do that, I have no clue). I know, I know, it only gets worse from here.

And, he continues to develop his throwing arm. We should start placing bets on whether he becomes a pitcher, point guard or quarterback. He's learning how to catch a (foot)ball, in addition to throwing it to you, which delights him (and us, quite frankly) to no end.

Jon is counting down the days (only 1451 days left! no really.) when he can enroll Logan into football. Logan and his favorite Daddy, both get down on their hands and knees, forehead to forehead, nose to nose, counting off random colors and numbers (Blue-52! Blue-52!), before one of them decides enough is enough. And tackles the other in a rolling somersault, filled with laughter, to the floor.

It's adorable to watch, and I'm not sure which I love more; Jon playing the father, or Logan playing the son.

Jon, the baby amongst his brothers, at ~20 months old.

Logan standing on his new bench, because he can.
(a present from Zafu and Zabuton)

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