Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Getting a boost

A month or so ago, when we were visiting our friends Karen and Joe, I noticed that they had a step stool in the kid's bathroom to help the kids wash their hands, brush their teeth, etc. Logan climbed right up to wash his hands and it was sooooo easy (esp. on my back!) that I decided we needed one for our own house.

You know, because Logan isn't getting into enough trouble on his own.

I searched high and low and never found the same one (her's was a natural wood stain, nothing fancy and no kid decorations). So, I went with the next best one out of the bunch.

I picked it up yesterday and put it together last night, after Logan was already in bed. But this morning he got to try it out for the first time and LOVED it! He went back and forth between sitting on the lower step (and opening up the lid on the top step where he's now storing his potty book) to climbing up to hang off the lip of the counter, willing the faucet to turn on.

Now of course, he's all about washing his hands, face and any other excuse he can use to play in the water.

In other news, Logan's bottom two canines broke through this past weekend! I don't yet have a good picture of them but trust me, they are there. ;-) Now we only have the four "2-year"molars left! Woohoo!

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