Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Clean Up

Logan was pitching a royal fit this morning because I wanted to put on his black sneakers (with velcro) instead of the blue and white ones (with shoelaces). I finally caved in because I didn't really feel like trying to argue with an almost 2-yr old and I knew he wouldn't yet understand the concept of "matching" black shoes with a black shirt (let alone how much easier it is to put on shoes with velcro!). All in due time.

In any case, once we were done putting on his shoes, I told him to take his black shoes and put them away in his room. I wasn't sure how far he'd get but I figured I'd give it a try.

Later, I walked into his room, having forgotten the instructions I had given him earlier, and found his shoe drawer left open with his black sneakers nicely piled on top. It made me laugh - that he knew where to put them and where they belonged, and that he couldn't bother with shutting the drawer or figuring out how to make the shoes fit. :)

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