Friday, September 18, 2009

Preschool Buddies

There are three boys that Logan has moved up together with at school, from the very beginning in infant class, to the pre-tots room, and now in the toddlers' room. Logan gets along with everyone and is famously friendly at school, but these four boys seem to be particularly more tight-knit than any of the other kids (it doesn't hurt that all four boys are definitely the rough and tumble push and shove kids of the bunch).

This week, one of the boys' mothers was picking her son up at the same time I was picking up Logan and grabbed me to show me a few pics and video she caught of our two boys that afternoon. They were so damn cute I immediately scribbled down my email address and made her send them to me.

(After seeing these pics I realized I better get Logan a haircut this weekend!)

Enjoy! :)


Elizabeth said...

Awl, but I was looking at these pictures and thinking how CUTE Logan's hair is.

Mama Bree said...

yeah - we like it long too, but it was getting a little bowl-cut looking because his hair is so dang thick! I got it thinned out this weekend but nothing too dramatic. ;-)