Friday, February 12, 2010

26 months old

Wednesday's date was 02-10-10. Two tens. Get it? HA! I kill myself.

Ok - so Logan turned 26 months old on Wednesday and for once I don't feel like I have much to report on this past month, but given I've been doing monthly updates I figured I'd still acknowledge it.

The biggest change for Logan has been his new class. We've had a number of tough drop offs (like yesterday morning, oy!), but usually he quickly forgets Mommy or Daddy and runs off to play. I've heard several reassuring comments from the teachers about how (surprisingly) easy his transition to the new class has gone, how (surprisingly) quick he's adapted and how extremely adorable and happy (is that surprising?) he is.

He's a cute and happy kid - that's for sure. And he knows it.

Along with his new class, his vocabulary has really picked up. He adds new words to his repertoire every day! It's amazing and we're always looking forward to what he's going to say next.

He's using his potty more and more every day - he will often ask to sit on his potty right after we take off his diaper, and more times than not he'll either go pee or poop. He seems to like being naked while sitting on his potty (don't ask, I really don't know why) and usually prefers sitting alone. But, once he's peed or poop, you can hear him calling for you down the hall "Mommy! Come look!!" We applaud any little thing, so it's no wonder he swells with pride and wants to show us what he can do.

I don't feel like I take near as many pics as I used to - and worse than that, I rarely post them up anymore. So, I'll leave the rest of this post to a few pics I've taken of Loganito this past month but haven't yet shared. :)

He was quite taken with "Big Kitty Cat" for a while. I think "Big Kitty Cat" is currently stuck in a bin full of toys since I haven't seen his appearance in a couple of weeks.

Poor Lola puts up with A LOT of torture by Mr. Logan. Here he's "sawing" her head, which he thought was HILARIOUS. I'm not so sure she shared that sentiment. In fact, I think she's silently begging me to MAKE THE BOY STOP.

A typical Saturday morning. Banging on his toy drum and making a lot of racket.

I get a scrunched up nose anytime I ask him to smile.

Still a big fan of art and coloring books.

One of the bigger storms Logan's seen hit us this past month. He was amazed at the endless buckets of rain falling from the sky or rushing down our rain gutter spouts.

This also happened to be the morning he opened the front door when I was in another room, letting both dogs out to take off in the pouring rain in opposite directions, leaving me to CHASE trouble-maker Odin around the block (while pregnant, and did I mention, in the pouring rain??).

See what I mean about torture?
See what I mean about cute and happy?
See what I mean about him knowing it?
He so knows it.


Arlo said...

Cute pics!!!

Kim said...

Poor Lola! She is definitely pleading with you.

Jennifer said...

Happy 26 months Logan!

Cat Shipman said...

awesome. he is too adorable.