Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Butterflies and all things verklempt

Logan is obsessed with butterflies. Here he is helping his teacher make some butterfly art for the classroom. He especially enjoyed pushing down on the stapler (what he's doing here).

I had one of those major verklempt moments yesterday morning when I dropped him off at school. We arrived just in time for "Circle Time", so all of the kids were sitting on the floor, watching the teacher in front of them, learning their ABCs. Logan immediately ran and sat down in the back, tumbling and rough housing with some of his buddies (it gave me flash-forwards of what he's going to be like in his HS auditorium down the road).

But he was also VERY into the ABC flashcards the teacher was holding out - practically shouting at each one (he got about a quarter right but that didn't stop him). And, because he was SO DAMN THRILLED, he was literally bouncing (on his knees) with excitement and happiness. I walked past him to put his lunch away and he briefly turned and looked up at me, saying "Bye Bye Mommy!" with the biggest smile on his face.

As I left, I stood at the door and watched for awhile before leaving. I was kicking myself for not bringing my phone and taking a video but oh well. The image is still burned into my memory and locked away forever.

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choonhong said...

you can take down the photo/video next time. i guess he very enjoys learning in the class with his friends