Sunday, January 31, 2010

Where did the weekend go?

Time is just flying by these days. We got home about 9pm tonight and I immediately started putting away items, starting a load of laundry, taking care of a few emails and now blogging before hitting the sack. Where the hell did the weekend just go?? I'm exhausted!

Yesterday was a pretty mellow day for us. Jon was kind enough to let me sleep in while he and Logan took off about 8am for (what is becoming) their weekend morning tradition. The two of them go to a local donut shop, sit at the counter, each eating a donut with coffee (Jon) or milk (Logan). Logan loves the one-on-one time with his Daddy and I'm pretty sure Jon enjoys it too. :) Jon ordered a few more donuts on their way out and met up with one of Jon's old eBay coworkers and his son, Max. The boys had a fantastic time playing at a nearby playground all morning while the Dads caught up on geek-speak. They had such a good time, in fact, that they didn't get home until about 12:30pm that afternoon! After sleeping in (until the super late time of 9am - jeez am I old or what?), catching up on a few of my TV shows, getting my exercises done, taking Lola for a walk and putzing around the house - I was starting to have some serious Logan withdrawals and was glad Jon finally decided to return back home! ;-)

Last night, we dropped Logan off at my parent's house so that we could attend a house-warming party for one of Jon's rugby buddies. The drop off at my parent's went fine - at first he was EXTREMELY upset when we got up to leave, shutting the front door and asking us to stay. But then Jon asked him if he wanted a lollipop and suddenly he was totally EYES ON THE PRIZE and Bye-bye Mommy! Bye-bye Daddy! without a second glance back.

Apparently, staying the night with Zafu and Zabuton is not as good as being with Mommy and Daddy. However, Zafu and Zabuton PLUS a lollipop trumps Mommy and Daddy.

Good to know.

It was really nice to get out on our own since we haven't done a solo couple's night in awhile. And, it was great to sleep in this morning as well (however, again, "sleeping in" was until 8am because apparently we have been trained to wake up early now). The one thing I did think was funny was when, after we got home from the party last night, we climbed into bed and Jon flipped on the TV. Pretty standard evening for us before we fall asleep. However, he had the TV sound on so damn low, that I seriously couldn't hear most of the conversation. So I finally said, you know Babe, Logan's not here tonight so we COULD actually turn the sound up to a normal level and watch the show like normal people. Oh right - totally forgot. :)

Logan had quite the adventure while at my parent's house last night and this morning. Last night, they decided to go down to the basement and start a fire while watching an Elmo movie before bedtime. My dad started the fire but forgot to check the flue, which happened to be closed. Sooooo, the entire house immediately filled up with smoke - which then activated the indoor AND outdoor alarms. The alarms at my parent's house are INSANE. They are loud enough for the entire neighborhood to hear, I'm not kidding you, and when inside the house, are DEAFENING.

Logan freaked out and got pretty scared by the entire event. :( It didn't help that it's been so long since the alarms have gone off, that my dad couldn't remember the code to turn them off. :) So, my mom and Logan went outside to wait (he actually told her to go outside, out to the street!) while my dad spoke to the alarm people on the phone and deactivated the alarms. Once the alarms stopped, Logan immediately started clapping and cheering from the street - YAAAAYYY!

It actually took a bit of time for my parents to convince him it was okay to go back downstairs to finish their evening. They finally did and he fell asleep on the couch watching his fave character, Elmo, in action.

This morning, my dad decided to whip up some of his DELISH homemade pancakes for Logan. My brothers and I grew up eating my dad's pancakes many a Sunday morning, so it's a really fond childhood memory for me. I remember it was always (and still is) a hugely lavish and decadent treat. :) To this day, I'm not fond of eating pancakes made from box-batter recipes because I grew up spoiled on my dad's buttermilk and butter-laden pancakes. YUMMMMMmmm. (I also can't stand anything but REAL maple syrup so it drives me BANANAS when Jon insists that I buy the sugar water crap with some fat woman pictured on the front that he calls syrup for him, which is so NOT real and full of preservatives that you can actually just store it in the cabinet, rather than the fridge. Ack!! Yep, I grew up not only spoiled but a foodie all in one). ;-)

He was actually MUCH happier than his face shows right here. ;-)

Anyhoo, this morning of all mornings, I think my dad just created a pancake monster foodie out of my son as well. And thankfully, he not only scarfed up every little bit of pancake but enjoyed them smothered in REAL maple syrup and REAL whipped cream too. :-P Besides the end product, I think what sold Logan was the fact that he got to help out in making them too. I remember this being a huge deal for my brothers and I as well - although I think my brothers enjoyed flipping them more than me (I just liked eating them). So, it's no surprise really, that Logan loved getting his hands a bit dirty in the kitchen today! :)

This is his response to my mom telling him to "Smile!" :)

After we picked him up, we headed over to the Jodoins for a playdate with Robert, since Logan has been asking to see "Bobert" all week. The boys had such a fantastic time playing all day long that we extended our visit well after lunchtime, well after naptime, and even some after dinnertime! But, it was awesome because the boys really wore each other out and Jon and I got some quality time to relax and catch up with Jenn and Jarrod (and visit with their little baby Connor - who will be chasing the boys soon, before we know it). Thanks again guys for such an awesome day, we really had a blast!

All in all, a fantastic weekend! Now off to stumble into bed. :)

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