Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Giggling Machine

I don't often think about shooting videos anymore; I barely have enough time to grab the camera for a quick snapshot. But, last night Jon was reading one of Logan's favorite bedtime stories and I always listen from the other room through the baby monitor because it just makes me smile like crazy.

Logan's starting to understand comedy - what's silly and funny versus not. We've seen him catch on with jokes and silly antics on tv shows or movies (Kung Fu Panda comes to mind) more and more. This particular book strikes him funnier than most - and no matter what, he can't stop laughing at each page's punchline. I figured a video was appropriate, as any amount of descriptive prose I'd write just wouldn't do it justice.



Arlo said...

Loved the video! Kindy had the exact same reaction to this book around that age, it was one of our favorites :)

Mama Bree said...

Thanks Bruce - and thanks for the book!! this was one from the collection you gave us :)

Katrine said...

This video is awesome, made me smile.