Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Today's Lesson

Logan was quite the turd tonight.

He was REALLY into playing at school and didn't want to leave. I literally sat with him and his friends (one in particular, who LOVES to cuddle up close to me and have me read him books whenever I arrive) for about half an hour, waiting for him to be "ready" to finally go home.

As we were approaching 6pm (when the school closes), one of his buddies that is a bit older and had moved up to the "big kid" preschool class a couple of months ago, stopped by Logan's classroom SPECIFICALLY to say good bye to Logan. His poor Daddy was probably itching to get home too, but was good natured enough to stop by and say good bye to Logan. These kiddos have been known to get down with their bad selves in the past, and since Logan has been visiting the "big kid" preschool class this week, I'm guessing the little boy has remembered what a cool, fun and hip friend Mr. Logan was - and is.

Unfortunately, Logan wasn't too cool, fun or hip tonight - completely ignoring the poor little guy. Seriously, all the kid wanted to do was say GOOD BYE to Logan and Logan completely dissed him, more interested in playing with his trucks and books and looking the other way anytime his friend (and his Daddy) tried to tell Logan bye-bye.

I was so embarrassed!


So in the car ride home, our conversation went something like this...

Logan, how come you weren't very nice to your buddy tonight?

One. Two. Three. Four. Nine Cars!

Logan, I'm serious. Your friend wanted to say good bye to you. Why didn't you say good bye?

Juice Mommy! More juice please!

You better watch how you treat your friends. Do you want to be treated like that?

Train! Train Mommy! Over there!

If you continue to treat them like that, you aren't going to have too many friends left.

Stop it Mommy. Please. Bye bye!

So much for my little pep talk, eh?

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