Tuesday, January 12, 2010

25 months old

Another month has come and gone! I’ve debated back and forth about whether to keep these monthly updates going, especially now that Logan has passed the two year mark. But, it’s a nice way for me to round up everything that’s been happening over the last month, that I haven’t kept up with on regular/individual posts. So for now, I’m going to keep at it. I may change my tune once the 2nd one arrives. We’ll see. ;-)

So, Logan! He continues to be ultra charming and cool. Some of the unblogged-about events that have peppered this last month, are:
  • He started the transition to his preschool class yesterday! He'll transition over part time throughout this week and then start full time next week. This is big! Not only will they start potty training him (more seriously) and keep him much more active with a lot of independent play and arts/crafts in this class, but our fees went down as well. SCORE. :)
  • We were driving in the car when a song on the radio came on, and out of nowhere, he starts yelling out “Cars! Cars! Cars!” Since we had been on the road for sometime already, at first we had NO IDEA why he was suddenly pointing out the cars all around us. But, after a couple of minutes I recognized the tune (from the movie "Cars") and told Jon, I’m pretty sure he’s talking about the song on the radio! It was really interesting to us.
  • Ever Mr. Independent, Logan really enjoys doing things by himself as much as possible. Which can really test your patience when his little hands and fingers and legs don’t move as fast as ours. But, more importantly, it can be frustrating when he can’t work something out himself because THEN. Well THEN he gets VERY impatient and upset. So, I’ll generally move closer and ask him if he needs help. His response? “Go away please!” or “Stop it please!” (while he’s holding up his hand to wave me off) At least he’s polite about it?
  • Right around Christmas time Logan started getting out of his crib in the morning or after his nap and open his bedroom door himself. So, we now are usually greeted by a little half-asleep munchkin asking to join us in bed (in the morning) or walking into the room that we’re in. The first time he did this was after his nap, and he walked into the office where Jon was and exclaimed to Jon “Logan [is a] big boy!” thumping his chest. Indeed he seems to be. We’ve actually kind of enjoyed the morning greetings since it means neither Jon nor I now have to get out of our warm beds and walk into his room to pick him up. ;-)
  • The one downside to learning how to open our doors is his habit of getting into anything and everything. Most specifically, we have caught him opening the front door of our house, to walk outside into the front yard (one of us has been out front which is why he does this) a couple of times. So, we now have to keep the front door locked at all times and Jon’s thinking about a better solution for long-term use (like a locking latch higher up on the door).
  • Besides the constant reminders that “Logan [is a] big boy!”, he’s also learning that a baby is growing inside Mommy’s belly. And, what’s more, it’s his baby brother and Logan is going to be a big brother. He loves repeating that any chance he can get, often times running up to me and patting my belly at the same time. I have to say, it’s quite adorable. :)

The funniest development of all, however, is how SNEAKY Logan has started becoming. He’s always had that mischievous glint in his eyes, but the latest stunt he pulled (Sunday night, after our drive home as we were unpacking and settling back into the house) was the best so far.

Jon was out picking up Odin at the Hickson’s household and I was at home with Logan getting him ready for bed, unpacking, starting the laundry and dishes, feeding the animals and generally trying to tidy up and settle in after a long weekend away. For the most part, Logan was following me around from room to room and getting into trouble when he could – excited to be back home (and out of the car, I’m sure). At one point, however, he snuck off to another room without me. I was pretty sure I saw him out of the corner of my eye, walking into our room, but I wasn’t positive. Since I was unpacking in there anyway, I went back into our room but didn’t see him anywhere.

I called out his name – but it was silent. Like, dead silent. I thought, how strange, if he was hiding surely I’d hear him. So perhaps he went into the living room to play with his toys again. So I continued to unpack but still felt like Logan was in our room – especially since I didn’t hear any toys banging or clanking from the other part of the house. I called out his name again; silence again. I noticed our bedroom closet doors were closed shut, and we usually have one or two kept open, so I thought he was probably hiding in there (since he likes to play with the doors, opening and closing them). Still, it was hard to tell since it was SO DAMN QUIET!

Then, from the vicinity of the closet, I heard the faint crinkling of a candy wrapper. I walked over to the other side of the room and opened the closet doors. And there, hunched over and sitting on the floor of our closet, was little Mr. Logan looking completely guilty. In his hands, was a little peppermint candy (I had a couple I was carrying in my pockets and had emptied them onto my nightstand), that he was trying desperately to unwrap.

AHA! I said.

He screamed.

It was a delighted “you caught me” scream but also a NOOOOooooo LEAVE ME ALONE! scream. It was pretty funny.

He stood up and tried to close the closet doors again – not wanting me to take his precious little treasure away from him. When I asked him if he wanted help, he then stood up and handed me the candy saying “Help please, Open please”. I unwrapped the candy and bit into it, to break it into smaller pieces – but as he saw me putting it in my mouth he started to break out into tears, suddenly feeling betrayed that I took his toy away from him, and running back to my nightstand to grab the OTHER candy that was still left sitting there. I finally convinced him that I was just breaking the candy into smaller pieces and gave him one or two. He put them in his mouth, sucking hard and saying “Yummy!”, forgetting about the other candy (that I quickly grabbed and hid back in my pocket).

I am still chuckling over how WELL he kept quiet and sneakily hid from me for so long – but then broke his cover once he started trying to unwrap a piece of candy. It was one of those wake up calls for me that he’s just going to become a more stealthy guy as he gets older. Eeeps!

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