Friday, January 1, 2010

Twenty Ten, Here we come!

Happy New Year to all!! We rang in the new year last night with a number of our best and closest friends. Jenn prepared a wonderful yummy feast and the kids kept busy giving each other "sleigh rides" on Jamie's sleeping bag in the hallway (unfortunately my iPhone doesn't take great action shots, but you get the idea).

We successfully put all 6 kids down without issue, under one roof! What a great way to start off the new year is what I say. :) After the kids were asleep, the adults played a few games, talked and tried to stay awake to see the ball drop. ;-)

Today is also my dad's birthday - Happy Birthday Zabuton!! :)

We hope everyone has a wonderful Twenty Ten - I know we will! Of course, our biggest event to look forward to is the arrival of Logan's baby brother. We are so very excited and can't wait to meet him!! Hope everyone has a healthy and prosperous new year. :)


Chelsea said...

Happy New Year!

Kim said...

Molly was there too! Heh, it doesn't look like it from all the pics, but honest... she was there. Too bad she was already asleep before we got a pic of all the kids in their pjs.