Friday, January 8, 2010

The Clueless Parent

You would think that some slight diarrhea and a mild temp (99.9) over the last couple of days would be a sign (instead we thought he was starting to get sick and have been watching him carefully since we're about to take off on a long road trip).

You would think that gnawing on his forefingers would be a sign (funny side story, he keeps holding up his index fingers saying "Owwwwie!" but nothing looks wrong - I guess chewing on them all day long can lead to sore fingers).

You would think that the loss in appetite would have been a sign (but c'mon now, he's already a picky eater, so we just look past a lot of the non-eating stuff).

You'd think that his increased punchiness this past week would have been a sign.

You'd think the instant overnight change from happy-to-play-by-himself-with-his-trains-and-cars to I MUST DESTROY EVERYTHING IN THE HOUSE OR IN THE DRAWERS OR IN THE CABINETS THAT I CAN REACH would have been a sign.

But no. None of that clued us in.

It was finally this morning, as Logan was helping me fold and put away laundry, that I noticed it. I asked my son to hand me another hanger to hang up a blouse in the closet, and instead saw him gnawing on one end like it was a tasty treat.

Huh. That's strange.

Logan's 2-year molars have cut through. I can see the lower right and left ones very clearly with the four little white tips waving "Hi". The top ones are harder to see since he won't let me look into his mouth for too long - so I'm not sure how many we have coming in right now.

Just in time for our road trip (we leave in about an hour).


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