Thursday, January 14, 2010

Paul's 60th Birthday Bash

I'm pretty tired and only 75% done with packing (yes, we're leaving for another long weekend trip tomorrow!), but wanted to get this out before I completely forget about it. A few pics from last weekend's trip down to LA, for Abuelito Paul's SURPRISE 60th Birthday party!

We drove down on Friday - Logan slept for a couple of hours, which was great. The drive was only 5 1/2 hours but felt much longer than that. Still, it was uneventful and we even stopped 3 times to let Lola out to pee and grab some snacks and drinks along the way. When we got into LA, we put Logan down soon after the "hellos" and then drove over to Curtis and Renee's house to visit with Jon's brothers (Daniel, Aaron and Curtis) and Renee and Kristin (a friend of Renee's) for a bit before heading back to Jon's parent's house to crash for the night.

Unfortunately, Friday night was tough on Jon and I. Logan was really antsy all night long - and woke up about 3am, dazed and confused. I had him crawl into bed with us (thinking it was much later than 3am!) and he tossed and turned the rest of the morning until he was awake for the day at 6am. UGH. Neither Jon nor I got a good night's rest and we were exhausted.

We headed down to visit my brother Kai, who now lives in Fountain Valley, a suburban town in Orange County. We grabbed a really scrumptious brunch at a surfer-type spot in the middle of Huntington Beach. We also stopped by his apartment afterward, which was really nice!! His bachelor pad is all set up! :)

We convinced Kai to drive back to Burbank with us to hang out with the rest of the family at the birthday bash. So we all headed back in time to get over to Curtis and Renee's house and wait for the big surprise.

There were probably about 25 people at the party - all family and close friends. I'm not convinced Paul was actually surprised - given all his kids from out of town were popping up the night before. ;-) But he acted surprised and seemed to really enjoy the get together.

Logan had a ball visiting with his cousins Luke and Stella and friends Annabella and Nathanael. He also really loved all the attention from his uncles who spent the day tumbling and wrestling and having tons of fun with him. Because we didn't get much sleep the night before, and we had a pretty full day of activities, we actually headed home earlier than we expected. But, I was really really glad we did - since Logan slept through the night and gave us a full night's rest ourselves.

First row: Aaron, Grandpa Negrete, MaryAnn, Abuelito Paul with Stella, and Lola
Second row: Aunt Diana, Sarah, Abuelita Alicia, Renee, Curtis with Luke, Daniel,
Jon with Logan and Mama Bree (with big ol' preggo belly)

Sunday morning we took our time packing up to head home. We stopped by Curtis and Renee's again for waffles and eggs and chowed down before hitting the road. We had a really fun time seeing the family and I know Jon was especially happy to spend some time with his brothers (and sisters). Of course Logan also loved the non-stop attention he received. :)

Happy birthday once again Abuelito!!

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