Sunday, February 7, 2010


Logan's doing much better but still a bit sickly. He had a really great morning today, we even got out and ran a couple errands which felt good to get out of the house, however after his nap this afternoon he was back to his clingy, fragile, upset self. :(

His fever is pretty much gone, although it did appear after his nap just a tiny bit (upper 99s), and the rash is also mostly gone (a few small spots also poked their ugly head out briefly after the nap), so we'll see. Unfortunately, he also has a weepy eye that's getting clogged up every time he cries (which feels like every 5 minutes), so I'll be calling the doc again tomorrow to see if we can get some drops for it since it's not clearing up on its own.

Because we've been cooped up in the house all weekend and Logan doesn't want to do anything but cuddle in bed and watch movies or sit on my lap, as close to me as humanly possible, I broke out some of the art supplies today so we could get a break from the TV.

I got about two 20 minute sessions out of him before he decided to quit and grab my hand to pull me back to cuddle in bed, but at least it was something. He absolutely fell in love with his new "froggy" scissors (I got the ladybug pair as well), learning how to cut paper on his own for the first time. Of course, he's not skilled enough to be left alone, but I was surprised at how quickly he picked up how to use them, one handed and all!

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