Friday, February 5, 2010

Nesting, Fasting and Mothering

Hooooooo boy, where to begin?

So I'll start by saying I've become obsessed - like Obsessed with a capital "O" - this week, lurking around Craigslist.

It suddenly dawned on me that there are a few baby items we actually might need when the baby arrives (like an infant car seat *cough* Jon! *cough*) and I got the wild and crazy idea of looking on Craiglist for a few of them. Lo and behold, I got SUCKED IN. And before you know it, I literally had appointments this week, meeting with a different random person, to check out, and pay for, more stuff.

What did I end up buying?

- Tuesday was another booster chair
- Wednesday was another baby monitor (to use at my parent's house)
- Yesterday was a couple bags of toddler clothes (they'll be for Logan first before the baby)
- And today was the cutest little rainboots you ever did see (also for Logan first)


Seeeee?? :)

I've only spent about $50 so far, for all the above, so not too shabby. I have a couple other small things I want to get for the baby but haven't been able to find the right size or color or deal yet. I'll keep searching. :)

I do wonder what this says about me as a parent the second time around. Since, for this guy, I'm all about buying on the cheap, cheap, cheap! ;-) I'm still pretty choosy about quality and brands, so I think it's more about saving where possible. We still need to buy an infant car seat (a job I've assigned to Jon), and though there are plenty to find on Craigslist, I'm going to guess we'll end up buying it in a store just because.

I guess nesting has finally begun?

Other than my maniac Craiglist shopping, I also had my glucose screening test this morning. Downing 50 g of syrup in 5 minutes is NOT my idea of a good time. And definitely makes you sick and queasy when taken on an empty stomach. :( But, at least I got that out of the way. We'll see what happens once we get the results next week.

After the test, I came back home to take care of Mr. Logan. Last night, at about 3am, Logan came stumbling into our room, up to my side of the bed, and then coughed a couple of times before starting to heave. I caught him before he got near the bed and sat with him trying to contain the vomit while Jon ran to get some towels, bowls and help clean up.

Poor Logan was pretty upset from throwing up - in the past he's always had just one quick and dirty projectile vomit - but this was more like what you'd see hovering over your dorm room toilet when your roommate had too much to drink after her sorority initiation and you thought you'd be nice and hold back her hair for the night. It was swell after swell of heaving, his body laboriously trying to get out whatever was bothering him. Luckily for us, the cleanup wasn't that bad, since he seemed to mostly be puking up water and clear liquid.

While Jon cleaned up the floor in our bedroom, I carried him into the bathroom and brushed his teeth. I figured not only was he not liking the heaving his stomach was doing, but he couldn't possibly like the taste in his mouth either. That seemed to make him feel better as he perked right up after that. We gave him a bit of cough medicine (he seemed to be running a bit of a fever in addition to the cough) and put him back to bed.

When he woke up in the morning, he was still a bit off. He was pretty hot - his temp was a bit over a 100, but he felt much warmer to me. Jon watched him while I did my blood test and then took off for work when I got back to take care of him.

My dad came over for a few hours to also help watch him since I had a client call I couldn't reschedule (and, since he was over at about the same time, I snuck off to snag the rainboots afterward!). Though continuing to run a fever, Logan was actually in pretty good spirits all morning. He even took another bike ride out with my dad around the block.

However, when I got back from my errand (and to grab lunch), I noticed a rash developing on his face, arms and belly. My dad mentioned he had just started scratching and itching pretty regularly. He was also steaming up. :( And, unfortunately, started going downhill from there.

I monitored him pretty closely the rest of the afternoon and talked to his doctor. They weren't too concerned about the rash - due to the other symptoms (mainly fever) just before it - they said it was likely a "viral rash". Essentially, whatever bug he caught, was deciding to make itself known to the outside world as well. They gave me instructions for Tylenol and Benedryl - neither of which I had in the house at the time (we ran out of Children's Tylenol earlier in the day). And unfortunately, once Logan woke up from his nap, he was NOT in a state to be taken out (very sensitive, delicate and extremely clingy - crying for me incessantly all afternoon long).

I normally don't mind his sicky-clingy behavior when he's sick, but all he wanted today was to sit and/or lay in my lap - of which I no longer really have! So it got to be really uncomfortable and frustrating as he would literally try to PUSH my belly to one side and move it out of the way for a better spot to lie.


Luckily, by the time Jon got home, his rash was already improving significantly. He was itching much less and the little hot spots were disappearing to the point that Jon really didn't see much of it at all. He was still running a decent fever (it had crept up to 102) but seemed to be in better spirits at least. We got some more Tylenol and Benedryl in him and relaxed on the couches with him until it was time for bed.

I'm really hoping whatever bug he caught has run its course and he'll be on the mend tomorrow. Otherwise, we have a long night, and weekend, ahead of us! :(

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Kim said...

Sorry lady. There is a nasty stomach flu going around right now. Hopefully it doesn't take you all down!