Monday, February 22, 2010

Back to our Routine

Today was a much better day. I think it's because we were able to get back into our daily routine and it wasn't as noticeable that Jon is gone.

We had a fairly good morning, although there was a brief repeat appearance of the bathtub incident, where Logan stripped down to sit on the potty this morning, and then climbed into the tub right after and "soaped" himself up (from an in-reach Cetaphil dispenser) for another bath. I rinsed him off but BOY was he mad at not getting a real bath. Luckily, we got passed it fairly quickly.

I was pretty worried about drop off at school this morning but it wasn't as bad as some days have been. He clung to my hand, walking around the play yard with the other kids but not leaving my side. When I finally handed him off to one of the teachers, he whimpered a little but then very quietly just kept snuggled in her arms. We were actually all pretty shocked, but they were also giving him some extra love and attention since I explained what a rough weekend we had had (and that he was missing his Daddy).

Kim and Miss Molly came over for a play date this evening which was great fun. The minute Kim and Molly showed up, Logan turned into an intense host, immediately grabbing Molly's hand and asking her to "Come this way; this room" (toward the living room with all of his toys) to play. He continued to grab her hand throughout the evening to guide her from room to room and seemed very happy to have the company. It made me think we need to have friends over at our house more often, so that Logan can play and share his house and toys too.

Toward the end of the evening, the two wanted to watch a bit of TV. Just when I thought we might have a fight on our hands for who would get to sit in Logan's little "sofa" chair, he plopped down on the floor next to the chair and told Molly to "Sit down, right here" patting the seat of the chair for her instead. What a gentleman!

Thanks again to Kim and Molly for the wonderful visit - and Kim for snagging a few shots of our two playing together! :)

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