Monday, February 15, 2010

President's Day

Logan's school was closed today so Jon and I took the day off to spend time with Logan and a few friends. We started off the day meeting up with the Jodoins for breakfast at our favorite, Stacks. YUM!! :)

Afterward, we took Logan to get his H1N1 Booster shot (Jon is the only one left who needs an H1N1 shot, which he'll receive tomorrow since I was finally able to get an appointment with my own OB secured for him). While there, Dr. Safir also checked out Logan's ear, which has healed remarkably. Dr. Safir actually commented that it's the fastest recovery he's seen, for an ear infection that was in such bad shape as Logan's last week. WHEW!

After the doctor's office, we met with the Jodoins and the Hicksons at the Children's Discovery Museum to let the kiddos run around and play for a couple of hours. The Hicksons left first, since Molly was starting to get really tired, but we braved on with Logan, Robert and Connor a bit longer. When it was finally nap-time, we went over to the Jodoins house to put the boys down for a nap while the adults had a late lunch and played Carcassonne (another game that Jon has gotten us addicted to).

When Logan woke up from his nap he insisted I sit down with him on the couch for a bit. He often finds my belly makes a convenient pillow when we're hanging out together, so I asked Jon to snag a quick pic. I hate how unflattering the pic is of me, but it was the only one we could grab before Logan got up to greet his BBF Robert who had woken up just after. :)

As always, we had a wonderful time with our friends! If only we could have more days off to relax with the kiddos...


Kim said...

I haven't been to Stacks in ages. Let us know the next time you guys go.

Jennifer said...

We are glad we got to hang out so much this weekend!