Thursday, November 17, 2011

Missing Daddy

I think this trip is probably the longest Jon and I have been apart and while I've stayed busy enough to get through the majority of it, it finally hit me driving home today, how much I really miss him (probably last night too, as I kept waking up and had a really restless night).

I think the boys miss him as well - Callum was extra needy tonight and Logan was a pain in the butt at school today (so bad that, it sounds like he may not be allowed back to soccer!).

Sadly, Jon's work is taking longer than expected and his trip home is delayed a day (so he'll be home Saturday evening instead of tomorrow). We're going to touch base tomorrow but hopefully he finishes up everything he needs to, so that he isn't delayed any further! We sure do miss our Daddy (and I am pretty damn exhausted!).

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