Monday, January 2, 2012

First Crush

On Saturday, while we were visiting at my parent's house, I mentioned to Logan that it was Zabuton's birthday tomorrow. 

My Dad asked Logan, "Do you know how old I'm going to be?"

Logan thought long and hard for a minute, and then said,



Last night, we went out to dinner for my Dad's birthday (Happy Birthday Zabuton!) with my parents, my brother Zane and his girlfriend Norma.  At the end of the evening, Logan got very excited telling Norma all about the latest iPad games he is addicted to (Angry Birds, Where's My Water?, Fruit Ninja and Cover Orange).  He asked Norma and Zane several times if they wanted to come over to our house to play with him, but we said it was too late and they'd have to come visit another time.

So, Logan asked about Norma all morning today.  I finally texted Zane to see if they'd come over - Zane replied that he'd check with Norma.  I told Logan this, to which he said,

I think she'll say yes.  Because I like her, and she's beautiful.

And THEN he says,

But don't tell anyone Mom, because it's a secret!

Awwww.  His first crush!  :)

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Elizabeth said...


What a player! Zane had better watch out!