Sunday, March 24, 2013

Did she just post (several) pics of a toilet?

Why yes, yes I did!

Because this new toilet seat, to help during potty training (which fits little kid butts!), we got is AWESOME. Thank you for the recommendation Kim!

Callum loves it because it's heart shaped and because "I'm not falling [in]" (his words!).

Logan loves it because "it lifts up" (it's hinged) and because it's just like Molly's. ;-)

Mommy loves it because now we don't have to worry about Callum trying to put the separate toilet seat insert on (in time) or worry about Logan (and guests) getting their hands dirty trying to take it off when they need to do their business.

It's just cleaner and more polished looking all around and works for everyone. Genius!

Speaking of potty training, Callum is doing fantastic! He tells us when he needs to go and many times goes on his own, needing just a little help pulling his pants back up.

We recently stopped putting him in diapers during nap time (we'd been doing it while at home but just this last week made the switch at school too) because he's doing so well. He's still wearing diapers at night but we'll probably switch to without on that soon too, since he's consistently waking up with a dry diaper in the morning (save for an accident just the other night which was totally my fault *sigh*).

I'm so excited to be done with diapers very soon. :)

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