Monday, March 18, 2013

Kindergarten Physical!

This morning Logan and I headed to his doctor's for a complete
physical exam and TB test, in preparation for entering kindergarten in
the fall.

He passed everything with flying colors. They were impressed that he
could see 20/20 (first pic) without hesitation. I asked why they were
surprised - I guess it's not that most kids can't see 20/20, but that
they have a hard time adjusting to it in the exam, with the
distractions and lighting etc.

The second pic is a hearing test they do right there in his exam room.
He was used to this since I've already taken him to our ENT to get his
hearing checked out (where they have a lot more sophisticated set up
and equipment). His hearing is still totally fine, so don't let him
have you believe otherwise. ;-)

Then, he had the "physical" part of his physical exam where Dr. Dave
examined his eyes, ears, nose, lungs, stomach, talked to him, made him
hop around on one foot, etc. According to his height and weight, he's
still running in the 75th percentile, where Dr. Dave (still) estimates
he'll be about 6' tall fully grown. We'll see! ;-)

And finally, he got his TB shot today. Logan was more nervous than
anything because of the pep talk Dr. Dave gave him right before the
shot (this is a mini-shot but you absolutely can't move or we have to
do it again, ok? Got it? NO moving...).

As you can see in the last pic, Logan got a drawing of Dr. Dave on his
arm around the insertion site. The prick is Dr. Dave's "nose" in the
drawing. If his "nose" bleeds, we have to gently dab at it. (And if it
swells, I believe we'll know that's no good). We go back on Wednesday
to get the reading done.

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