Monday, March 18, 2013

Lowfat Milk

Logan took 2 sips of his chocolate milk from Starbucks and then
decided he didn't want any more. I asked him why, he said it tasted
funny and he didn't like it.

I took a sip and it tasted normal to me (though I noticed it was whole
milk, which I can't stand). He then says, "I don't like it mom, it has
too much butter."

I guess he's getting used to the low fat milk I've been giving him at home! LOL

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ecables said...

That's funny; I have a similar story, but in the other direction. Amelia knows that she drinks milk with a red cap (whole) and that I drink the milk with a yellow or blue cap (depends on the store). She can usually tell if I've tried to sneak her some of the fat free milk when we've run out of whole.

"No daddy, I want the red milk."