Wednesday, March 13, 2013

How do you respond when another friend announces their pregnancy?

A friend of mine just linked to this blog post on Facebook and OH. MAN. how remarkably true this rings for me, down to every single word!

Reaction to Pregnancy Announcements (now that I have kids)

The second stage she lists is definitely a biggie for me, because I've often wondered whether I'm jealous when I hear of another friend having a(nother) baby and Dang it!  Do I still want more kids?  Am I really that insane?  But, the reality is, I really just miss all of those fun firsts and new parent discoveries that we had.  :)

Which brings me to another semi-related story that just happened to me this morning.

After dropping off the boys at school today, I stopped by a bagel shop that I haven't been to in awhile (since I rarely take the kids to school in the morning anymore).  I used to frequent this place almost every morning when I was pregnant with Callum (because, HELLOOOOO fresh bagels! with cream cheese!).

The shop owner recognized me and asked how my "baby" is doing and I was like Oh Dear.  That "baby" is turning THREE next month!

Time sure does fly.  :)

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