Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter Nail Polish

When I arrived to pick up Logan at school today, one of his teachers
had to make sure and tell me the story of this little bottle of blue
nail polish that he's excitedly shaking in the first picture.

Today his class did their big Easter egg hunt. The plastic eggs had
little prizes hiding inside, like stickers and tattoos. Some
apparently also had tiny bottles of nail polish.

One of Logan's friends, Luke, opened up his egg and was super
disappointed to find a bottle of nail polish. He tossed it aside,
saying he didn't want it. Logan saw him do this and asked Luke if he
could have the nail polish.

Luke asked, "Why? Nail polish is for girls!"

Logan replied, "Because I'm going to give it to my Mom!"


After dinner, Logan asked if I would paint their nails - which they
both just loved. "It tickles!" they kept saying. Callum thought it was
"beautiful" while Logan was excited to see they sparkled in the light.
He wanted to make sure it'd stay on for school come Monday. :-P

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