Saturday, July 20, 2013

Feeding the horses

Doy called up a friend of theirs who is a vet and keeps a few cutting
horses at his home, so we could go see the horses, pet them, and feed
them a few treats. I'm pretty sure this is the closest the boys have
been to horses (riding ponies at a fair doesn't count) and thought it
would be great exposure. :)

Logan was surprisingly brave and willing to pet and feed them without
any coaxing. Callum was more nervous with how big they were, so he'd
only pet them if we were holding him. ;-)

It was pretty hot out and the boys were tired and cranky from the
heat, so we didn't stay long. But afterward (once we were in the air
conditioned car), Logan said to me, that was super duper fun. Go
figure! ;-)

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