Monday, July 8, 2013

What a lousy problem.... (ha!)

I guess it was only a matter of time but man oh man I was hoping we would be saved the horribleness of a lice infestation.

Sadly, today we got the dreaded call.  Logan had lice.  :(

I actually had the day off from work - so while it totally ruined my plans to get a lot of errands done and spend some time with a friend, it WAS good that I had the day off, because I have literally spent the ENTIRE day sanitizing our house up, down and sideways.  I only remember the awful eye-stinging shampoo and tiny comb that my mom used to comb out the lice and eggs when I was a kid - but what I don't remember is all the "other" stuff that she probably stayed up all night doing, to manage the issue.

I picked Logan up from school and we headed over to a "lice removal" joint - yes!  there are actually lice removal companies happy to take ALLLLL of your money!  They checked him out (and confirmed yes, he did have lice) and asked if I wanted to do a treatment on him - I said sure, mostly because while at school, when he heard me say we'd have to shave his head, he FREAKED out.  Seriously.  More than I've ever seen him freak out before about anything.  :(  

So, this place will take care of getting rid of all the lice (for a hefty fee!) and save your hair in the process.  I suspect their clientele is mostly moms and daughters.  ;-)   They checked me as well and thankfully, I am lice free (however, we are all going back in a few days to get checked again).

Logan was NOT happy that I took this pic - he asked me not to send it or post it to anyone (I think he was embarrassed about the whole ordeal to be honest), so shhhhh!  Don't tell him I put it up on the blog.  ;-)

Anyway, back to my memory.  Or, lack thereof.  This was the easy part - pay someone a big check and they'll take care of all the annoying time consuming spraying and treating and combing for you!

What I DIDN'T think about (nor remember) was the after math.  *My* homework!!

I have now spent the ENTIRE day sanitizing our house - the sheets, the rugs, couches, mattresses, pillows, stuffed animals, the list goes on and on!  I'm still laundering and cleaning - and I still have to make up all the beds once they air out.

I'm totally wiped out.  I wouldn't wish lice on my worst enemy.  :/

Thankfully, Jon left work early to pick up Callum (who was checked but didn't have any) and came home.  He decided he'd talk the boys (mostly Logan) into shaving their heads, because he really didn't want to risk a re-infestation.  And frankly, after the ordeal I have been through and am still managing, I didn't argue one bit.  I would be PISSED if I had to do this all again (even though I realize this isn't anyone's fault - it's just...  man oh man, can I hire someone to sanitize the house next time, instead of my kid's head?  Why don't they have house calls for this shit?!?)  ;-)

So, here I present my kiddos, with their newly shaved heads.  They still look pretty darn cute, even with their gorgeous hair missing, if I do say so myself!

He kept hiding from me - he did NOT want his pic taken  :)

It was so hard to get any good shots of these guys!  They were so excited to have their heads shaved that they kept bouncing and running around!  :)

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