Saturday, October 26, 2013

Halloween Fiestas!

Last night was crazy. We first went to Callum's school Halloween party where we saw some friends who had dressed up as the purple minions. Here we are all together! :)

After about an hour hanging out and eating delicious snacks, we packed up and headed over to Logan's school Halloween party! (Jon met us there)

The second one was insane. Probably a 500 person party at least. Tons of activities, tons of food, a scary spooky haunted house (that Logan had been begging me to buy tickets for all week and once I did, and we waited in line to go in, he got cold feet and refused to go in....). Tons of music, dancing, bouncy house and games, pie smashing (teacher's faces) and pumpkins to buy and decorate. Man! It was overwhelming and a totally different vibe than the preschool (lots of older kids for one!) but I think the boys had tons of fun at both parties.

Once we got home we all watched a little tv to relax and then passed out! Phew!!

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