Saturday, October 12, 2013

Time for another renewal!

I had everything pre-printed and filled out ahead of time, so that all
we needed to do this morning was march into the passport office and
wait in line to submit Logan's renewal application.

I'm not sure if it's due to the shutdown, or something else, but the
humongous office just around the corner from us had only a single
woman working and what's worse, a new system (at least since the last
time we've been which is about 3 yrs), whereby you come the minute the
office opens and pick your number for your "appointment" that day.
But, they now apparently limit the number of "appointments" to pick,
and they were already "full" by the time we got there (20 min passed

Ugh. Very frustrating. :(

So, I may try and actually book a real appointment at a different
office instead, since it's hard for us to find the free time to do
this and now with Logan in school it's even harder! (for a kid's
passport, both parents have to show in person, with the child present
too, and with all sorts of extra identification). :/

To end on a happy note however, I'll point out how goofy and charming
Logan looks in his passport photo. Love him to pieces, and crack up
every time I look at this shot. :)

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