Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Always Thankful

I keep meaning to pull down the pics I took with my nice camera to
post about Thanksgiving but these are going to have to do for now. ;-)

Thanksgiving Dinner #1 - as it turned out, the Jodoins and McDaids
didn't have plans to spend Thursday with their families, so we joined
the two families for a fantastic meal that night. I made a cake and a
couple of sides to accompany the dinner which was fun for me (I really
love to bake and cook!) but otherwise Jenn did all the cooking and
hosting. We had a really great time!

Thanksgiving Dinner #2 - my parents decided to cancel our family plans
on Friday because they've had a lot going on lately. I felt like it
would still be nice to get the family together tho, so I offered to
host the meal at our house instead. Zane made some killer mashed
potatoes, but otherwise I took on the entire meal myself! All vegan,
for 8 hungry bodies. Phew! Also lots of fun and great to have my
parents and brothers at our house for a change (the boys adore their
uncles). :)

Thanksgiving Dinner #3 - Logan and I headed up to the city on Saturday
to meet the Cables family at a local museum featuring a bee exhibit.
It was supposed to be all of us but Jon and I had started to come down
with a head cold the night before and he wasn't up for rushing out of
the house that morning (since we slept in). Because we had no plans
and I had quite a bit of food still at the house - a whole dinner in
fact, that I had purchased at Whole Foods when I originally thought we
were having dinner on our own Thursday - I invited the Cables down to
our house for the evening and our two families stuffed ourselves silly
with way too much yummy food. Another successful dinner in the books!

We had a fantastic break hanging out with great friends and family and
eating way too much good (I also took advantage of being off work for
a full week and did a lot of prep for Logan's birthday party coming

Now we're all counting down the days until our time off over Christmas. ;-)

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