Sunday, December 8, 2013

I spy a Minion!

Now that the birthday party is done, I pulled out all the Christmas
decorations and put up our tree.

This poor thing is on its last legs...I got it - for free! - from my
Dad's friend when we moved into our first home almost 10 yrs ago! So
I'd say it has done well for us. I was thinking this might be the year
I'd have to replace it, but I think it's going to hold out for us at
least one more year!

Logan helped a bit with decorating, but surprisingly, it was Callum
who stuck with me the entire time and really found great joy putting
on all the ornaments. :)

Minion has also been VERY curious of course. And has basically staked
out a spot underneath to retire, all evening long. He's nibbled a
couple branches and lights but actually hasn't bothered it too much
(thank goodness!). We'll see if our luck continues to hold!! ;-)

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Doy said...

Will Minion climb it?