Friday, December 27, 2013

Burning off some energy

Took the dogs and boys for a walk down to the lake - where we ran into
STUNNING views! The boys stopped every 2 seconds to build snowballs
and throw them at each other or at Jon and I. ;-)

Once we got to the lake they were disappointed that there wasn't more
snow to conduct a snowball fight. Yet, they were fascinated by the
frozen over lake and ice they could walk on.

At one point I told Logan to hurry up since we were walking out on a
small peninsula of land to get closer to the water. He responded with
"we just want to smash and break stuff Mom!" (Referring to the rocks
they were throwing into the lake, to try and break the ice).

On our walk back we found a little area with ample snow to have a
snowball fight. Sadly, just as the game was heating up, Jon hit Logan
in the face and our game quickly ended. Since he immediately erupted
into a screaming fit. I think the cold snow down his neck shocked him
a little. ;-)

After I calmed him down we headed back to the house to get back into
pjs and warm up a bit.

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