Tuesday, December 30, 2014


We went to the movies earlier today to get out of the house while the cleaners were here. Unfortunately Callum was extreme UNinterested in sitting in the theatre, so he and Jon left to walk around the mall while Logan and I stayed to finish seeing the movie (A Night at the Museum).

We ate a bite afterward then headed home. The weather was cold when we left but it was colder and extremely stormy/windy outside on our way home. We got to the house and several of our decorations had blown over. We got inside and found our UPS (backup batteries) beeping at us. After checking the breakers and talking to neighbors we found out the whole neighborhood (and much of the city) is in a blackout. Power won't be back up for a couple of hours at least. Whee!

So, we pulled out some battery operated Christmas lights from the boys room and are all camping out in the living room, playing games and trying to stay warm! :)

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