Friday, December 26, 2014

Cycle 2 of Maintenance Begins

Today we begin Day 1 of Cycle 2. Our maintenance schedule runs in 16 week cycles; after each 16 weeks we run it all over again. Each cycle is a tad different due to the timing of Callum's chemo appointments but they're basically the same overall.

So today we went in for Vincristine (we'll go again next week too). Callum's counts are great (ANC is 2400) and he's looking good, so we got the all clear to begin. He also had one of his best port accesses ever! Hardly yelped or winced! :)

We've got slightly higher doses of chemo at home (since he's grown), and we'll start his 7 day pulse of steroids today too (yippee), which all means tonight will be a heavy dose of various meds he'll need to take. He's been handling the meds like a champ tho, so I don't anticipate any issues. ;-)

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