Thursday, December 4, 2014

First Grade School Pic

Logan had his school pictures taken back at the end of September, but we didn't actually get them until the week before Thanksgiving (which means, they were crumpled up at the bottom of his backpack for a week while I was at the hospital and just discovered them this past Sunday night when I got home and started getting everything ready for school the next day!).  :)

I never sent out his Kindergarten school pictures to family which has always bugged me.  At the time, I had wanted to wait until Callum's pictures (which had been scheduled just a couple of months after Logan's) - so that I could send them together.  But, Callum's school pictures happened literally the first week or two when he got sick and was diagnosed with leukemia.  So, we of course never got that done, and poor Logan's beautiful Kinder pics sat on my desk and gathered dust.

So this year, I was all set to get pictures of both boys!!  The photography companies have been really slow to get them back out to us - so I guess you only get the sneak peek of Logan's for now.  Callum's was taken just a few days before we were admitted to the hospital this last visit, so I don't expect we'll see his back for a couple more weeks.  I'll do another post then, when his come in.  :)

Logan and Jon both liked this one the best.  So, this is the one that'll go out to family.

Logan - First Grade (Sept 2014)

But, I couldn't NOT get one of him smiling, so I bought just a handful of this one as well, to add to my (growing) collection of kiddo school pics.  :)

Logan - First Grade Smiley Pants

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