Friday, December 12, 2014

We'll miss you Carly!

Our Nurse Practitioner, Carly, is leaving LPCH. :( She's moving on to another hospital, to take on a new challenge in her career. We are happy for her since it sounds like a great opportunity, but selfishly we are very very sad (and when I say we, I think I am the one who will miss Carly the most!!). :(

She has been a phenomenal nurse, confidant and friend. She's the glue that's held our team together. She's been so supportive, watchful, firm but friendly and always always patient with my BAJILLION questions and spreadsheets and schedules and checklists and emails and phone calls. She's been with us from the start so of course it's hard to think anyone else will be able to catch on to our craziness and hang on for the ride, like she has. They haven't yet named a replacement so we'll see who ends up (trying to - ha!) fill her shoes.

Luckily, the Valley is small. So I'm sure we'll cross paths again in the future. :)

On a more happy note, Callum has finally recovered and made counts today - yes!!! (ANC is back up to 1267!!). That means we don't have to go back in until our next chemo appt in 2 weeks. No more pokes or long drives. And we also resume his chemotherapy at home starting tonight (which is also very important! It's made us nervous at how long he's actually been off it). We'll check his counts again when we go back in 2 weeks to see how he's handling the chemo (among other things). :)

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