Wednesday, February 11, 2015

An equestrian area

When I told my hair stylist we'll be moving to a new home this summer, he commented about how lovely the area is, describing it as "equestrian".

I hadn't thought of it as equestrian but then here is a typical view on our drive up to the house - gorgeous valleys and horses quietly grazing. I snapped this pretty quickly this past Monday when visiting with Callum, so it's not the greatest of shots, but you get the idea. We turn this bend every time we drive up and it hit me - how correct my stylist is! :)

Callum was super excited to see the new house. He was laughing and running all over exploring every nook and cranny.

Logan also loves it. But he has a more calmer attitude about the place. His first comment as we drove up the hill was, "oh, it's so peaceful!"

He's right of course. Quite idyllic really and I'm still in a bit of shock we stumbled upon a great find which we soon get to call home. :)

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Unknown said...

I think of horses and stables when I think of that area, too! =) I'm so excited for your family.